What's the 1 thing sellers need?

BUYERS!! and WE have lots of them!

I have over 4500 buyers who are active in our Database looking to buy properties. We spend lots of time and money accumulating buyers for our listings every month. We are looking for Buyers who can Buy your house before we even list it for sale. That's what separates us from the average agent. Once we place our customers homes for sale in front of our qualified buyers we usually get our Sellers showings right away and present the offers to them. This is how we sell 10 X's more homes than agents in the area. We make sure our Buyers are all pre-qualified and ready to go before we take them out to see your property.

We sell so many homes that we don't just say we can sell it, we Guarantee it!! I am so confident in our systems and unique marketing that we can offer this fantastic program to you. If you use us to purcchase your new home we have a List Assist program that will save you thousands of dollars in Commission. We have over 1,000 homes sold and offer Superior service to our customers. Don't make the mistake of hiring a No Name company with No Marketing budget, No Commuinity Presence, No list of Buyers, Less experienced, No Global Prescence, No Listings or track record. Contact us today and start packing!

The RE/MAX TITANIUM Guaranteed sale program!

We'll give you a guaranteed written offer on your home within 24 hours of your listing.

This written guarantee will give you the assurance that if your home doesn't go under contract within 120 days, we will buy it for your upfront guaranteed amount. You won't have to worry about owning 2 homes with our program. We sell so many homes that we can do things that other companies cannot. Conditions apply

For more information on this exciting program please fill out the form on this page and give me some details about the home you'd like to sell.