What's the 1 thing sellers need?

BUYERS!! and I have lots of them!

I have over 1300 buyers who are active in our Database looking to buy properties. We spend lots of time and money accumulating buyers for our listings. That's what separates us from the average agent and why we sell 10 X's more homes than what agents in the area sell. We make sure they are all pre qualified and ready to go before we take them out to look at homes.

We sell so many homes that we don't just say we can sell it, we Guarantee it!! I am so confident in our systems and marketing that we can offer this fantastic program to you.;

The Mizz Realty Guaranteed sale program!

We'll give you a guaranteed written offer on your home within 24 hours of your listing.

This written guarantee will give you the assurance that if your home doesn't sell within 120 days, we will buy it for your upfront guaranteed amount. You won't have to worry about owning 2 homes with our program. We sell so many homes that we can do things that other companies cannot.

For more information on this exciting program please fill out the form on this page and give me some details about the home you'd like to sell.