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Warning: lies and misconceptions

Lies & Misconceptions

“You can’t argue with Steve Misciagno's success. But you don’t really get Steve. You get him in name only. You actually get one of his assistants.”

There’s more than one way this is a Big Lie hazardous to YOUR wealth!

It’s told because they can’t argue that if you want the most successful agent working for you - that is Steve Misciagno. Since they can not argue the facts, they make up a lie.

First of all you get both Steve Misciagno and his elite award winning team of top producing agents and expert assistants. The team includes licensed real estate agents with years of experience, trained, coached and personally supervised – daily – by Steve Misciagno. His team implements the property marketing system that has made Steve famous world wide and keeps him #1 at selling more homes for more money.

The TEAM APPROACH is actually the preferred way of serving clients in many other fields. To give you a good comparison, if you are the President of a company and you hire a top advertising agency, you do not get that agency’s President personally taking your calls unless necessary or writing your ad, taking photos, etc. Instead you have your own Account Executive, who is your liaison to the entire team of creative people, writers, media buyers and others. Under this direction and supervision, the force and power of the entire team is deployed to achieve your objectives.

So exactly how does getting the RE/MAX TITANIUM team ‘work’ for you? Very, very well!!!

Here’s how it works in practice:

  • Your account executive, one of the top real estate agents on the team, lists your property and assembles all the information necessary to aggressively and successfully market it.
  • The package he puts together is personally reviewed by Steve Misciagno.
  • A complete property Marketing Plan is customized for your property, by Steve Misciagno.
  • *Steve Misciagno, your “account executive” agent and everyone else on the Team reviews the plan, makes suggestions, raises questions, and makes certain everything is “market ready”.

This all happens within 72 hours of Listing Your Home.

Your “account executive” agent shows you the Plan, the ads, the letters, everything. Everyone on the team is familiar with your property and communicates with their clients, contacts in the real estate community, and others about its availability. Within days, well over 200 other real estate agents have been directly made aware of your property as a possibility for the buyers they represent. This is expeditious Home Selling.

DO NOT let lies and misconceptions rob you of your hard earned equity.
To Discuss the Sale of Your Home Call Steve at 352-874-6638