OUR MISSION is to help you make more money by attracting and closing more properties with buyers who have a property to sell.  We eliminate the contingency for you. As soon as we get the listing you can write up your contract immediately knowing their home will be sold.

                                            We'll do this by

ü Guaranteeing the Sale of Your Buyers Homes.    
Providing You With Prompt and Honest Communications .
Providing Your Buyer with Solutions to Their Total Home Sale  

Buyers are Scared of Getting Stuck Owning 2 Homes. So when buyers approach you about buying one of your homes but need to sell their current home first in order to close on yours; we will step in and Guarantee the sale of your buyers home. 

We will Guarantee the Sale of Your Buyers Home at a Price Acceptable to Them!
In the Unlikely event Their Home Does Not Sell,   We Will Step in and Buy It for Cash!!