We can negotiate with the banks for a Short Sale at no cost to you. In some cases they’ll even provide cash at closing to help you relocate. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us so we can show you some of the new options that are available.

Yes, You Can

Most people who are upside down in their mortgage or have suffered a hardship get a lot of misinformation. We see it all the time. We have seen customers spend thousands of dollars with Attorneys when they did not have to and lost their homes. Don't let this happen to you. Our Short Sale team will help you even if you surrendered your home to bankruptcy. It is still important to Short Sale after a Bankruptcy is discharged.

  • Get the home out of your name.
  • No fees to you.
  • The bank will pay all commissions and closing costs.
  • Save yourself from foreclosure and judgments.
  • Rebuild your credit.

Move On

The number one thing that slows Short Sales down is inexperience. Most agents don’t know how to process Short Sales. We have a dedicated team with an extremely high closing ratio and the deficiency is waived in most cases,

  1. Call STEVE at (352) 874-6638 to set up a free consultation.
  2. We’ll share some information with you that will make you feel more comfortable – instantly.
  3. We’ll work with the bank on your behalf.
  4. The bank pays all commissions.
  5. The bank pays all closing costs.
  6. In some cases the bank will give you cash at closing to help you relocate.
  7. Our Property Management team will help you find a place to relocate.
  8. Move on to the next chapter in your life.